Notice is hereby given that an Extraordinary General Body Meeting of  SREE AYYAPPA SAMJAM (Regd.) will be held on Sunday, the 5th March  2017 at 10.30 AM  at Temple Premises, Sector 47-C, Chandigarh to transact the following business:

  1. The purpose of the Meeting is to consider, and if thought fit to adopt, the following Resolution to change the RULES AND REGULATIONS of the Samajam:

“RESOLVED THAT  the Rules and Regulations of the Samajam in the form of the document titled “Proposed  Rules and Regulations” is tabled at the Meeting and initialed by the President for the purpose of identification be adopted as the “Rules And Regulations “ of the Samajam in substitution of the existing Rules And Regulations which is repealed.”

The draft Rules and Regulations are available with the Samajam Office.  Member who wishes to see the draft copy may contact the undersigned or any of the Office Bearers.

For Sree Ayyappa Samajam (Regd.)